The rebellious no : variations on a secular theology of by Noëlle Vahanian

By Noëlle Vahanian

This publication goals to resume theological pondering via extending and radicalizing an iconoclastic and existentialist mode of proposal. It proposes a theology whose element of departure assumes and accepts the reviews of faith introduced through Nietzsche, Freud, Marx, and Feuerbach yet however takes theological wish heavily as a rebellious strength operating inside, yet opposed to, an anthropomorphic, phallogocentric worldview.

As a theology of language, it doesn't declare any privileged entry to a few transcendent divine essence or flooring of Being. to the contrary, for Noelle Vahanian theology is a strictly secular discourse, like several different discourse, yet conscious of its barriers and cautious of significant promises--its personal integrated. Its religion is this secular theological hope could be a strength opposed to the constitutive indifference of suggestion, and it's a meditative act of uprising. Aphoristic rather than argumentative, this ebook bargains an unique and confident engagement with such seminal concerns as indifference, trust, insanity, and love.

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9 24 The Law of the Indifferent Middle ................. ’’10 The subject conditions objective knowledge, but to imagine the subject as cause of its objects is to relegate this subject to the status of an object. Instead, the subject is the ‘‘necessary correlative’’ of the object. You cannot have one before or prior to or without the other. 11 Whether one sides with the skeptic empiricist or with the ascetic rationalist, both misplace reality outside of the sense-perceiving subject—as some object-in-itself—whether the one believes his knowledge of reality depends on experience and cannot be abstracted from it, or the contrary—that his true knowledge of reality is independent of experience.

16 16 Milk of My Tears ................. 18505$ $CH1 12-20-13 14:48:24 PS PAGE 16 If the image that the narcissist has of herself always already differs from the unrepresentable dispossessed narcissistic self because it is an image that belongs to the realm of symbolic representation, awareness of this difference translates into ceaseless dissatisfaction or turmoil. The seemingly adoring narcissistic gaze into the self-image betrays a fascination for some unrepresentable object of primary narcissism, which Kristeva recognizes as the abject: ‘‘the most fragile .

Analogy presupposes a common original ground as nature to both commonsense appearances and thoughts. But thinking which is like a seeing cannot know something unless it thinks about it, just as seeing cannot know something unless it sees it. Hence, the common ground of sense and thought can neither be seen, nor thought, or else the substance of life would look like a this and it would be thought of like an idea, neither of which are in themselves or original. They are products of perception and thinking which presuppose an object to be perceived or thought (the object in itself as the unknowable ground for both the object as it appears and the object as it is thought).

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