The Present and Future of the Cosmic Microwave Background by J. L. Sanz, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, L. Cayon

By J. L. Sanz, E. Martinez-Gonzalez, L. Cayon

Those evaluation articles via extraordinary experts disguise the current prestige of the observations of the spectrum and of the anisotropies of the cosmic microwave history radiation. Experimental advancements, info research and similar theoretical points also are taken care of. the assumption is to check and speak about at a degree obtainable to non-specialised astronomers and graduate scholars the latest advancements during this box in addition to the long run views for astrophysics and cosmology particularly.

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28) Equations (26) -- (28) show that positive and negative values of/z are possible, depending on the parameters of the decay process. 002 _" ' i00 I0 i 0. 72 ~-~ - 0 . 004 - . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ". . . . . - 2 . 7 2 . 7. 7 x=hu/kT o Fig. 5. Same as in Fig. 027 and # = 10 -4 (a) and g = - 1 0 -4 (b). In these cases the agreement between the numerical results and the analytic approximation is less good than in the cases of Fig. 4, due to the larger number of photons injected in the radiation field.

2 Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720, USA ABSTRACT C O B E has produced significant new scientific findings and results in the past year. The DMR instrument reported detections of temperature fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation. 6. These data are supportive of models of structure formation through gravitational instability. 05 to 5 ram. These data rule out a number of alternative models of structure formation including explosive scenarios. The initial C O B E data products, in particular the first year DMP~ sky maps, were released to the scientific community in June 1993.

71 10 Fig. 9. 726). 275 10 -4 (see eq. (45)). 275 10 -~. In the two cases mx ~ 40. 25 a Wien tail appears and the hollow in the KJ region increases with yr. A comptonized spectrum (eq. 40) with the same value of comptonization parameter used in each panel is showed for comparison (solid line). energy and photons. Therefore hmits to these processes by the s t a n d a r d compionized spectra (eq. (40) should be taken as tentative. In the case of v a c u u m decay the electron t e m p e r a t u r e becomes very high (T~ >> T~) at low redshift (z ~ 103), as showed by Bartlett and Silk (1990), and the s t u d y is leaded back to the case of c o m p t o n i z a t i o n by hot electrons.

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