Stay alive! : emergency food to sustain energy by John McCann

By John McCann

In this excerpt from Stay Alive! Survival talents You Need, John D. McCann tells you the best meals to convey into the field. when you have no nutrients, he teaches you techniques to capture and prepare dinner food.

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Stay alive! : emergency food to sustain energy

During this excerpt from remain Alive! Survival abilities you wish, John D. McCann tells you the simplest meals to deliver into the sphere. in case you have no meals, he teaches you concepts to trap and prepare dinner meals.

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Being oatmeal and raisin, they make a great breakfast bar. This is one choice that you will have to make, but carry as many as you can fit. Sometimes, just having some small food items in a kit, can provide you with a little something to sit and relax with. I find that most of my kits allow me to carry a bag of instant oatmeal, some instant soup packages, and even a foil package of tuna, providing energy, comfort and a chance to develop a plan of action. Emergency food should be carried in every survival kit, except maybe the most mini.

Edible plants may not run from you, but the wrong ones can make you very sick or kill you. Small vials hold what you need to catch a fish. Roll fishing line onto a sewing bobbin or a flat floss bobbin and include it in your kit. Tools to catch fish If ponds, streams or rivers are available, fishing is a good way to obtain food in a survival situation, but to be successful, you have to be equipped. Fishing tackle can be made in the field, but you will expend much less energy if you have the basics with you.

If the water is too deep, you won’t be able to reach to the bottom to grab the fish without a snorkel. There are various ways to make a fish spear so that something holds the fish onto the spear until you get it out of the water. There are two that I find useful. The first uses some strong thorns, such as those from a Hawthorn shrub or small tree. The Hawthorn thorns are very strong and large enough to use for this purpose. So effective are these thorns that birds have been known to get caught up in a Hawthorn bush and not be able to get out without being stabbed with one or more of the long thorns.

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