Rama's Last Act (Clay Sanskrit Library) by Bhavabhuti, Sheldon Pollock

By Bhavabhuti, Sheldon Pollock

“Rama's final Act” via Bhava·bhuti is counted one of the maximum Sanskrit dramas. The paintings instantaneously dramatizes the “Ram?yana”—it is without doubt one of the earliest theatrical variations of Valm?ki’s epic masterpiece—and revises its so much intractable episode, the hero's rejection of his cherished spouse. Human business enterprise within the face of future, the ability of affection, and the capability of paintings to make experience of such mysteries are the topics explored during this singular literary fulfillment of the Indian stage.Co-published via ny college Press and the JJC FoundationFor extra in this name and different titles within the Clay Sanskrit sequence, please stopover at http://www.claysanskritlibrary.org

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Bʜɢɪʀʜ: Iɴ ʜ ʟʏ ɪʜɪɴ ʜ ʟʏ: Director Earth Bʜɢɪ·ʀʜɪ (the Ganga River)  PROLOGUE I . ɪʙʜʏʜ. pūrvebhyo namo|vākam . praśāsmahe. vandemahi ca tām . vācam amrtām ātmanah. kalām. [] . nāndy| ante ʀ | ʜʀʜ: . alam ativistarena. adya khalu bhagavatah. Kāla|priya|nāthasya yātrāyām ārya|miśrān vijnāpayāmi. evam atra | bhavanto vidām . kurvantu. asti tatra | bhavān Kāśyapah. Śrīkan. tha . |pada|lāñchano Bhavabhūtir nāma. yam iyam . brahmānam . devī Vāg vaśy” êv’ ânvavartata Uttaram .

Paris: Editions littéraires de France. Jʀ-Pɴ, Cʀʟ. . ’ Purusārtha : –.  ɪɴʀɪɴ Kɴ, Mʀɢʀ. . The Theory of Plot Structure in Sanskrit Drama and its Application to the Uttararāmacarita. Dissertation, Harvard University. Mɪʀʜɪ, V. V. . Bhavabhūti. Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass. Pʟʟ, Sʜʟɴ. . Ramáyana III: The Forest. New York: New York University Press and the JJC Foundation. Pʟʟ, Sʜʟɴ. . ’ In Longman Anthology of World Literature, Vol.

Kālidāsa. Die menschliche Bedeutung seiner Werke. Berlin: Akademie-Verlag. Sʜʟ, Aɴɴ . tra . Rāmāyana: . mahākāvya. Pune: Srividya Prakasana. Sʜ, Nɪɴ, trans. . Uttararāmacarita (La dernière aventure de Rāma). Paris: Les belles lettres. V, S. . The Recognition of Shakúntala. New York: New York University Press and the JJC Foundation.  ʀ’ ʟ  DRAMATIS PERSONÆ Characters marked with pcorner bracketsy speak Prakrit. Sʀʜʀ: N: . R: pS : y K: A.

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