Prophecies and Soothsayers by Stuart Kallen

By Stuart Kallen

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At the time, Cayce’s fame had brought him into contact with several prominent businessmen. He told them to sell their entire stock portfolios. ”36 The stock market crashed on October 29, 1929, confirming Cayce’s prophecy. The Wall Street crash started the Great Depression, a worldwide economic catastrophe that lasted 10 years and resulted in thousands of bank failures throughout the world. Cayce prophesied a bigger tragedy, scheduled to follow the Great Depression. In 1932 the sleeping prophet predicted that the world would turn to war in 1936.

In recent years hundreds of websites have put forth the idea that the prophecies in Revelation are happening or are about to happen. According to these sites, various leaders have allegedly been branded with 666, the Mark of the Beast. These people include Pope Benedict XVI, presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, and even Microsoft founder and billionaire Bill Gates. Widespread Belief Millions of people throughout the world fully believe in the concept of the End Times as described in Revelation.

And Nixon must have believed in Dixon’s powers. In 1972 he set up a cabinet committee on counterterrorism after Dixon predicted a terrorist attack in the United States. Like 99 percent of Dixon’s other predictions, this did not happen as predicted. 64 Prophecies and Soothsayers A second Maya calendar is called Vague Year. With 365 days it closely resembles the modern calendar. The Vague Year is composed of 18 20-day months and a short 5-day month. This was mostly used for practical purposes, to predict the best time for planting and harvesting crops.

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