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Fournier is a former pharmacist and public health administrator who is now an educator and child advocate. “ The key is that as you’re getting known online, the Internet is one big networking party. Just because you can hide behind your monitor doesn’t mean that you’re invisible. ” —Penny C. Sansevieri, “Social Networking on Blogs,” Huffington Post, December 31, 2009. com. Sansevieri is the founder of Author Marketing Experts, a marketing and public relations firm based in San Diego. 31 “ ” Facts and Illustrations Primary Source Quotes* Facts and Illustrations How Does Online Social Networking Affect Human Interaction?

31 By they share it with. studying someone’s friend list on sites such as Facebook or MySpace, a thief can gain enough information to create a false profile, and then lure the unsuspecting person into adding him or her as a friend. Once this happens, the “friend” may claim to be in trouble and request that emergency money be wired, or even be so bold as to ask for credit card numbers. As Go Banking Rates explains: “You may assume that you wouldn’t trust this person, but keep in mind that the thief has already gauged the activities of your friend who has given too much information about his or her life.

In August 2008 the Internet security company Garlik reported that nearly 25 percent of children between the ages of 8 and 12 said they were regular users of Facebook, MySpace, or Bebo, even though this was in violation of the sites’ minimum age requirements. 47 Online Social Networking Facebook Perceived as Security Threat to Business According to a survey published in January 2010 by the software security company Sophos Group, a large majority of businesses believe that Facebook presents the biggest security risk of all the social networking sites.

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