Notes To Aristotle's Ethics by William Edward Jelf

By William Edward Jelf

This ebook is a facsimile reprint and will include imperfections similar to marks, notations, marginalia and fallacious pages.

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Notes To Aristotle's Ethics

This booklet is a facsimile reprint and will include imperfections akin to marks, notations, marginalia and wrong pages.

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AASatrughn¯ a Bharata´s ca mah¯aAbalah.. 30 the story of rama – canto 274 The muddy-minded king, Jayad·ratha, abducted her by force; and because of her abduction the wicked man had his hair lopped from his head, and with his fellows was 10 defeated in battle. With the slaughter of the S´aindhava army we have recovered her; the abduction of our wife happened without warning. This life in the forest is a misery; we live by hunting—violence by forest-dwellers to forest-dwelling species. And this exile is at the hands of relatives determined to be false.

The ten-necked R´avana said to him: “Go and tempt Sita. Become a deer with bejewelled antlers, its hide covered in dazzling gems. When Sita has seen you, she will certainly incite Rama. And when Kak´utstha* has departed, Sita will be in my power. Then, when I have captured her and carried her away, he shall be no more, the fool, because he’s separated from his wife. ” 55 maha·bha´ rata – the forest ity evam ukto M¯ar¯ıcah. tv” oˆ dakam ath’ a¯tmanah.. am . khitah.. tatas tasy’ a¯´sramam . ah.

Da´saAgr¯ıvah. k¯amaAbalo dev¯an¯am . bhayam a¯dadhat. Ma¯ rkan. d. ayah. ayas tath¯a havyaAv¯aham . am . am . gat¯ah.. Agnir uv¯aca: «Yo ’sau Vi´sravasah. putro da´saAgr¯ıvo mah¯aAbalah. to bhagavat¯a pur¯a. Sa b¯adhate praj¯ah. » 40 the story of rama – canto 276 R´avana attacked, and captured his aerial vehicle P´ushpaka. Vaishr´avana cursed him: “It won’t carry you! The man 35 who shall kill you in battle is the only one it will carry. ” But supremely radiant Vibh´ıshana, the soul of the Law, remembering the Law of the good, followed Vaishr´avana, great king.

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