Never Neck at Niagara Short Story by Edie Claire

By Edie Claire

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The search was authorized after numerous sightseers reported watching a large object that might have been a person drifting in the river and going over the edge of the falls near the midpoint. Witnesses claim that the individual was not moving voluntarily at the time, leading investigators to speculate that the woman was either unconscious, or perhaps already dead, when she went over the falls. " Leigh's stomach lurched. It couldn't be. Marjory couldn't be dead. How could Roger have killed her, when she knew he was planning to?

A man's voice, which sounded at least a decade older, responded sleepily. " Leigh groaned inwardly. Pillow talk, too? " the woman continued, her voice bobbing as if she was up and getting dressed. " The man merely grunted. " the woman chastised, her tone turning sharp. "Don't even think of doing a half-assed job of this. We're not talking about another loaded Nikon here. The consequences—" "I'm aware of the damned consequences," the man replied peevishly. His voice had also started to jiggle in space, which Leigh hoped meant they were both getting decent again.

He wants me to go over the falls," Marjory screeched. "Fine! " She had made her way to a large rock whose lip hung out well over the rushing water. Looking down at the swirling whitecaps, her face suddenly went pale, and she started to sob. With one last-ditch look over her shoulder, Leigh gave up on waiting for rescuers who knew what they were doing. She could handle one little crazy person, couldn't she? She hadn't grown up with the Morton clan for nothing. "Marjory," she said soothingly, pulling herself carefully onto the near edge of the rock.

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