Jack & Jill : a fairy story by Greville Macdonald; Arthur Hughes

By Greville Macdonald; Arthur Hughes

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Presently Jill found some very big yet rather tasteless blackberries and ate them while Jack, wanting something ; a who would stop behind to nibble, cut stick of blackthorn and whittled it into serviceable- to tickle little Nanny with, Kirstie, our old nurse, says that eating November blackberries might make anybody see queer things ; and ness. Jack's cutting that stick would make angry the lunantishees, who guard the may trees and blackthorns. 1 As the Twins came running home hand-in-hand and the goat trotting behind them, nobody the better or worse, seemingly, for their risky 1 Irish people may tell if simple exploits, Jill suddenly you that lunantishees belong only to their but it stands to reason that, if they are necessary to these fairy trees in one country, they must be in another.

They make lovely wine, and J ac k an d 42 Then their ragged friend ' Jill began a long answer in poetry You sew me together And patch up my woes You mend me with leather ; To keep out the weather ; You pin in a feather, sprig of red heather, Or To scare away hundreds ' O, everyone knows That scaring Makes ' of scatterbrain crows. the crows starlings, the darlings, all laugh in the trees O, nobody knows The larks that I have with those terrified crows They bring me red cherries, And spicy black berries, And hedge-pigs and spicy blue sloes The squirrels bring nuts from the coomb !

I think Father and Mother always made a point of not asking what we children had been doing or where we had been. They gave us much more liberty than most children have, the consequence being that we had heaps of advenWe were all chattertures and always told everything. and I whistle to make up, Mother boxes, too, except me 1 But that evening the Twins had not one word to says. THE ; didn't think they were overtired either, because very slowly and thoughtfully they got through a big tea bread and butter, raspberry jam, and their favourite dish, tell us.

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