English Synonyms and Antonyms With Notes on the Correct Use by James C. Fernald

By James C. Fernald

English Synonyms and Antonyms

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Synonyms: cultivation, gardening, kitchen-gardening, culture, horticulture,market-gardening, farming, floriculture husbandry, tillage. , Agriculture is the generic term, including at once the science, the art, and the process of supplying human wants by raising the products of the soil, and by the associated industries; farming is the practise of agriculture as a business; there may be theoretical agriculture, but not theoretical farming; we speak of the science of agriculture, the business of farming; scientific agriculture[26] may be wholly in books; scientific farming is practised upon the land; we say an agricultural college rather than a college of farming.

Goldsmith Deserted Village, l. 178. Antonyms: deface,deform,disfigure,mar,spoil. Preposition: Adorn his temples with a coronet. AFFRONT. Synonyms: aggravate,exasperate,offend, vex, annoy, insult, provoke,wound displease, irritate, tease, . One may be annoyed by the well-meaning awkwardness of a servant, irritated by a tight shoe or a thoughtless remark, vexed at some careless neglect or needless misfortune, wounded by the ingratitude of child or friend. To tease is to give some slight and perhaps playful annoyance.

Work is satisfactory if it satisfies those for whom it is done, though it may be very poor work judged by some higher standard. Qualified refers to acquired abilities; competent to both natural and acquired; a qualified teacher may be no longer competent, by reason of ill health. Able and capable suggest general ability and reserved power, able being the higher word of the two. An able man will do something well in any position. A capable man will come up to any ordinary demand. We say an able orator, a capable accountant.

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