Energy Savings in Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization by G. Pellizzi, A.G. Cavalchini, M. Lazzari

By G. Pellizzi, A.G. Cavalchini, M. Lazzari

The target of this paintings is to ascertain the potential for monstrous power discounts within the ecu agricultural mechanisation. during this analytical survey the chances of strength saving in desk bound crops nor the oblique mark downs in chemical inputs are thought of. The research has been basically bibliographical, with none direct experimental research. After a few normal issues at the eu farming constitution and the current strength necessities of the field, ,the ecu agricultural machines and tractors is printed. before everything of this analytical survey, the operating schemes and the power specifications are tested for the various plants. The evolution of tractor production and the derived machines is usually surveyed, collecting the explicit implements into the most teams: tractors (and derived machines); soil tillage machines, intercultivation machines and harvesting machines. The evolution and the power saving capability in tractors and farming machines administration is tested and the activities for improvement are outlined.

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11) seems the most likely in future years. This system is already being examined by the larger manufacturers. Its function is to connect the load of the engine with the pressure and the flow of fuel in such a way as to optimize the engine per{ormance. This system will be one element of a more complex control system linking the most important operational parameters, and actuating strategic programs for the optimization of the global and/or specific efficiencies. Besides the above mentioned points, focused on: research has also -improvement of the combustion efficiency, through a better design of the combustion chamber and an improved location of the injectors; -increase of the average operating pressure; -increase of the operating temperatures; -improvement of thermal insulation (development of adiabatic motors); -reduction of friction resistance.

13 Diesel development trends (Source: Millar, 1985) POWER DENSITY 14 (ba r) 8 6 BSFC (g/kWh) 250 200 2 150~----~-- 1970 ____- L______~ 1980 YEAR 1990 SPECIFIC WEIGHT kg/kW the 44 Finally, a brief mention must be made about the necessity to consider the production of agricultural engines in the light of the results recently introduced in road vehicle engines. For example, in the Fiat's engine "Fire" the number of components in the engine has been reduced by 30%. We can define the fields in which, in the short-medium term, efficiency improvements will be possible for agricultural engines: -design improvement and use of new materials (4-5% gain); -turbo-charging in low power engines.

Km. 60 Mtoe/year. 10 - Conclusions The survey carried out on the literature internationally available confirms the figure (chapter 1) of 11-12 Mtoe/year for the field energy consumption in the EEC agricultural activities. 8 Mtoe/year, taking into account that the remaining 15% is covered by vegetables and industrial crops requiring high energy inputs (from 5 to 20 GJ/ha). The corresponding figure for 100% of the cultivated area is slightly more than 11 Mtoe/yeqr. Fig. 7 gives the histograms for the several cultures and Fig.

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