Design of Structures Foundations for Vibrating Machines by Suresh C. Arya

By Suresh C. Arya

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Die Kombination aus wissenschaftlicher Aktualität, Seriosität und Praxisbezug - für den Ingenieur die Grundlage innovativer Entwicklungen - ist mit diesem Buch gewährleistet. Es stellt den Entwicklungsprozess für Fahrzeuggetriebe vollständig dar, unter Berücksichtigung von handgeschalteten, teil- und vollautomatisierten PKW- und NKW-Getrieben, NKW-Gruppengetrieben, Nebenabtrieben, Verteilergetrieben für Allradantrieb und Endabtriebe.

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Acceleration values are related to the system inertia forces in which the maximum acceleration establishes the maximum inertia forces. • The shape of the follower acceleration curve is of critical concern for the design of moderate- to high-speed machines. From it, analysis can be made for cam-follower system shock, noise, wear, and vibration. • The acceleration curve shall have no discontinuities where it blends with the dwell action of the motion. • Acceleration values at each point are related to the radius of curvature of the cam profile, which in turn relates to the surface stresses and wear.

Sample Cam drawing with cam contour and tape check. 30. B-12345 Sample Cam with 3D Wire Frame representation of cam contour (Courtesy Commercial Cam Co. Inc. Wheeling, Illinois). • In troubleshooting cam system performance, the first step of investigation is to measure all the related action members of the machine before initiating elaborate theoretical studies and changes. • Cam-follower alignment and backlash (static and dynamic) should be controlled to keep surface stresses as small as possible.

However, we note that at the maximum rise point neither the parabolic nor the simple harmonic curve has any abrupt change. 16. DRRD cam application of basic curves.

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