Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One (Focus on Family by Sara L. Latta

By Sara L. Latta

How one can take care of the behavioral, emotional, and actual adjustments that could take place after the loss of life of a friend.

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Perhaps your family would prefer eating at a Chinese restaurant on Thanksgiving. Think of ways that you can remember your loved one in holiday rituals. Ask friends and family to write something they remember about your loved one on cards and put them Adjusting to a New Life Holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays can be particularly challenging times when we are grieving. Sharing your holiday plans with friends and family is one step toward recovery. You may even be able to memorialize your loved one through holiday rituals.

If this makes you feel uncomfortable, remember that hugging or touching can convey feelings that people often cannot find the words to say. Funerals and Memorial Services A funeral or memorial service is more formal than a visitation or wake. A funeral is generally held within a few days after death, usually with the body present. A memorial service without the body present may be held later. Although the rituals can vary greatly from one religion to another, most services have these things in common: they honor the life of the person who has died, and they provide comfort to those who remain.

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