Crime and Punishment around the World, Volume 3: Asia and by Graeme R. Newman

By Graeme R. Newman

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If the suspect cannot be found, then the notification is issued to a police-appointed defense council who acts on the suspect’s behalf and the defendant is tried in absentia. The suspect and defense have the right to examine all documents collected in the Saranwal’s investigation. The accused has a right to remain silent during the process. The judge’s decision can be petitioned by the Saranwal, sentenced person, relative, or the defense council. The petition is evaluated by a committee headed by a Supreme Court judge and two appellate judges.

At this stage, the suspects are informed of the charges, have their constitutional criminalprocedural rights explained to them, and are given the opportunity to choose their defender. When | 17 72 hours of an arrest are over, the suspect either has to be freed or must be detained based on the court’s decision.

At present, Armenia is a unitary, multiparty, presidential representative democratic republic. Legislative power is entrusted to the Parliament of Armenia. Executive power is exercised by the government while judicial power by the courts. Armenia is very homogenous. 9 percent of the population. The largest minority groups are the yezidis and Russians. Other minorities include Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians, and Georgians. History of the Legal System The history of Armenian criminal law and legal system takes its origins from the first Armenian kingdoms, where judicial power was executed solely by | 13 the kings.

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