COUNTY: Life, Death and Politics at Chicago's Public by David Ansell M.D., Quentin Young

By David Ansell M.D., Quentin Young

The Chicago solar Times, December 26, 2011

 " Must learn ebook of 2012: Public Hospital's unhappy Tale"

Make it the final e-book you learn in 2011 or your first of 2012 yet no matter what you do. do not fail to notice County:Life, demise and Poilitics at Chicago's Public Hospital... Esther Cepeda

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Suddenly Ward 24 was not so far off the beaten track. Generations of internal medicine residents used this shortcut, until it was discovered a decade later and closed down. In 1978, open wards were unusual in American hospitals. , was one of the last with open patient wards. It was hard to describe the indignity the patients experienced. The floor had a set of overhead lights. One switch turned all the lights on. So if a doctor was called in the middle of the night to evaluate a patient, when the lights were turned on, every patient except the deepest sleepers was awakened.

None of us did. ” I sported a moustache that overhung my top lip. My sartorial style could best be classified as early twentieth-century mountain woodsman. I had a penchant for flannel shirts in the winter, short sleeves in the summer, corduroys, and earth shoes or Birkenstocks. A tie or white coat was out of the question. After three years of residency, the three white coats I was given during the first days of my internship remained in their original plastic bags, untouched. ” in bold black letters to hold my medical equipment.

This was in the same United States that had just landed a man on the moon. The demands for improvements and change reached full throttle but fell on the deaf ears of a recalcitrant white political establishment. It was a time of social change in Chicago and the country and a new breed of activist doctors and nurses began to organize for improvements within the soot-covered walls of County. The long-time superintendent of the hospital who had been a fixture there since 1914 retired in 1967. , demanded a change of governance to a professional and independent board.

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