Commodities, energy and finance by ed. by Ernest Gnan ....

By ed. by Ernest Gnan ....

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It is expected to facilitate the development of detailed market and technical codes that are needed for the smooth and reliable operation of the interconnected energy networks. This also includes the enhancement of the efficient transfer of operational information and a co-ordinated effort to increase transparency on the usage of the transport infrastructure. ENTSO would also play an important role in the harmonised planning of the European network infrastructure by issuing forward looking network development plans.

Prices on these markets give also important signals for market participants to decide on optimal investment strategies in new generation assets, in consequence facilitating continuous security of supply. 54 2. Where do we come from? The level of development of wholesale markets differs greatly between European countries, to a large extent reflecting the historical structure of the industry and the regulatory framework they work in. There is a long list of indicators against which we can measure the functioning of wholesale markets.

Nevertheless most continental wholesale markets made a fairly good progress in the last couple of years. Especially on the Dutch and German markets, traded volumes are fairly high on both, spot and forward markets and activity have been increasing on exchanges and OTC markets alike. Financial traders and smaller players continue to enter the wholesale marketplace; power exchanges add more and more regions to their portfolio Figure 2: Development of day-ahead traded volumes in electricity on selected energy exchanges as a percentage of national consumption Source: EU Commission - Energy Sector Inquiry, APX, EEX, Powernext 58 Where are we now?

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