Cima Official Study System: Business Mathematics by S. Peers, P. Phillips

By S. Peers, P. Phillips

The 3rd version of CIMA's authentic examine platforms are actually on hand to purchase!! With key sections of the 2003 research structures being written via the examiners, every one textual content offers a fantastic beginning and entirely displays what should be established within the exam.Updated to include legislative and syllabus adjustments, the 3rd version learn structures additionally tackle the hot and more and more renowned 'objective wondering' examination structure, getting ready scholars and aiding them to move the may possibly and November 2003 checks. The revised version continues the preferred loose-leaf layout and should nonetheless include subject summaries and suitable articles. earlier papers and options together with the may possibly 2002 examination Q&As have additionally been included.

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1 BUSINESS MATHEMATICS BASIC MATHEMATICS (B) For every 100 posters produced there is an extra cost of £92. (C) The cost rises by 70p for every 92 posters produced. 7? 7. 7 per hour. (F) Costs rise by 70p for every extra poster produced. Calculate the following: (G) the total cost of producing 1,000 posters, (H) the number of posters which can be produced for £500 (to the nearest whole number), (I) the number of posters which can be produced for £N (to the nearest whole number). Question 3 Accuracy and approximation A company is preparing future production plans for a new product.

P. 06 and n ¼ 4. 04 and n ¼ 3. Solution (a) We shall compute the powers from this basic definition, but you may have a calculator with an xy or a yx button, which will make the calculations easier. ) The example above required us to change the subject of the formula from V to P, that is, to end up with P ¼ some expression. There are various rules and techniques which help this process. 1. If something is added or subtracted at one side of an equation, then it changes its sign when you take it to the other side.

D) One department is selected and all the staff in that department are surveyed. 11 Which of the following are true, and which false? (A) Primary data is that which is most important in a given situation. (B) Secondary data is collected for some other purpose. (C) Data becomes information after being sorted and analysed. 12 A mail order company is to survey customers who have placed orders at some point of the last year, by contacting one in each hundred of them. In this context, which of the following are true, and which false?

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