Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds: Thiazole and Its by Metzger

By Metzger

Houses and Reactions of Thiazole (J. Metzger and E. Vincent).

normal artificial tools for Thiazole and Thiazolium Salts (G. Vernin).

Alkyl, Aryl, Aralkyl, and similar Thiazole Derivatives (J. Aune et al.).

Thiazolecarboxylic Acids, Thiazolecarboxaldehydes, and Thiazolyl Ketones (R. Meyer).

Halo and Nitrothiazoles (L. Forlani and P. Todesco).

topic Index.Content:
Chapter I houses and Reactions of Thiazole (pages 5–164): Jacques V. Metzger, Emile?Jean Vincent, Jacques Chouteau and Gilbert Mille
Chapter II basic artificial equipment for Thiazole and Thiazolium Salts (pages 165–335): Gaston Vernin
Chapter III Alkyl, Aryl, Aralkyl, and comparable Thiazole Derivatives (pages 337–518): Jean Pierre Aune, Henri Jean?Marie Dou and Jacqueline Crousier
Chapter IV Thiazolecarboxylic Acids, Thiazolecarboxaldehydes, and Thiazolyl Ketones (pages 519–563): Roger Meyer
Chapter V Halo? and Nitrothiazoles (pages 565–585): L. Forlani and P. E. Todesco

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Dipole moments were calculated for a large number of thiazole derivatives; the corresponding results are reported in Table 1-8. TABLE I-Y. 30 Bond orders calculated from experimental bond lengths (122). r-bond orders calculated by allvalence-electrons methods and compared their values with those deduced from experimental bond lengths. Both data are indicative of an aromatic molecule with a large dienic character. The 2-3 and 4-5 bonds especially present a large double-bond character, whereas both C-S bonds are relatively simple.

Thiophenc . 260 - - - - - -_____ 0 . 2 ~ - - - - - - - Thiazcik 8 4. n Net charger Thiophene qt _- TABLE 1-5. 992 0 . V52 - - - Thiawk 14 o-bnd orders I. General Aspects 35 u - a system, the PPP u- a method (133). The a and u net charges and bond orders of thiophene and thiazole are compared in Table 1-5. Whatever the method considered the variation of the indices occurs in the same sense when passing from thiophene to thiazole: the replacement in the 3-position of a carbon atom by a nitrogen induces 1.

For atoms in @ position of heteroatom. 6, = coulombic parameter of atom N; pxu = exchange parameter between atoms X and Y. 553 C151-S,,1 134 130 119 122 123 124 123 125 133 118 8 6 117 Ref. " In some cases the calculated values reported in this table are not explicitly given in the referenced paper; they were calculated by this author on the basis of the published data. CND0/2 ab initio PPP PPP PPP PPP 0 or' HMO HMO u P HMO HMO System Method TABLE 1-3. BOND ORDERS OF THE THlAZOLE RING" 31 I. General Aspects Table 1-4 gives some calculated reactivity indices: free valence or Wheland atomic localization energies for radical, electrophilic, or nucleophilic substitution.

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