Chemical Fertilizers. Proceedings of the XVII International by Giacomo Fauser

By Giacomo Fauser

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Thus, self-heating of fertilizer heaps can be more serious t h a n would be thought at first from the extent of incomple­ teness of reaction (7). The water level required for reaction (8) to proceed has been examined. The reaction is detectable at moisture levels of 0 . 03% in synthetic mixtures. I n fertilizers, however, the solid solution can sur­ vive at much higher moisture levels, presumably because the water is "bound" to the other fertilizer components. 2% . Hence self-heating of storage heaps of compound fertilizers as a result of interionic reaction can be minimised either by adjusting manufacturing conditions so t h a t the ionic reactions go to completion a t that stage, or, by drying the fertilizer to such an extent t h a t the reactions proceed slowly if at all.

For the period of the test. m. Analytical results showed t h a t chloride was lost from the system, which probably accounts for the slowing down of the decomposition observed in most experiments. Considerable corrosion of the steel was observed in many cases, and it was shown in later experiments t h a t soluble iron enhanced the decom­ position of the chloride-containing liquors. Chromium, however, did not effect the decompositon of the 86 % ammonium nitrate liquors, (cf. SMIT [19] as might have been expected from the work of GUIOCHON [23] and of W I S E et al.

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