Chemical Engineering [Coulson and Richardson's] (Solutions by J. Brackhurst, J. Harker

By J. Brackhurst, J. Harker

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5 kg of water/kg of solids in a continuous operation. 6 kg/s of solids. 5 s/mm or 27,500 s/m. 5 kg of water/kg of solids in a continuous operation. 33 kg/s of solids. 1. 3 and u0 is the free falling velocity of the particles. Draw the curve of solids flux ψ against concentration and determine the value of C at which ψ is a maximum and where the curve has a point of inflexion. What is implied about the settling characteristics of such a suspension from the Kynch theory? Comment on the validity of the Kynch theory for such a suspension.

72 and that the temperature changes and the correction for liquid flow may be neglected. 1. 3 kN/m2 and 293 K. 6 kg/m2 s, what is the pressure drop across the column? In making calculations, Carman’s method should be used. By how much may the liquid flow rate be increased before the column floods? 46) To take account fully of the liquid flow, reference 56 in Chapter 4 of Volume 2 provides a correction factor which depends on the liquid flowrate and the Raschig size. 18 may be used to calculate the liquid flowrate which would cause the column to flood.

5. 5 The relation between bed voidage e and fluid velocity uc for particulate fluidisation of uniform particles which are small compared with the diameter of the containing vessel is given by: uc = en u0 where u0 is the free falling velocity. 46 Discuss the variation of the index n with flow conditions, indicating why this is independent of the Reynolds number Re with respect to the particle at very low and very high values of Re. When are appreciable deviations from this relation observed with liquid fluidised systems?

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