Catullus and the Poetics of Roman Manhood by David Wray

By David Wray

This literary learn of the first-century BCE Roman poet, Catullus makes use of units of comparative types to provide a brand new figuring out of his poems. the 1st comprises cultural anthropological bills of male social interplay within the premodern Mediterranean, and the second one, the postmodern poetics of such twentieth-century poets as Louis Zukofsky, that are characterised by way of simultaneous juxtaposition, a "collage" aesthetic, and self-allusive play. The ebook may be of curiosity to scholars of comparative literature and gender reports in addition to to classicists.

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80 Tath¯a kurutah.. sna¯ ta˚: (sakautukam avalokya) Aye! uAsan˙ ghaAbhojan’Aoˆ nmukhena n¯api sn¯atam. bat. uh. am . , am . aAmettam . a kadam .! a¯m . ya) Acamana . ah.. katham! aAsa˙nkar¯a api v¯a sarva ev’ aˆikasy¯am . pa˙nktau bhu˜njate! aho ramyam a¯´sramaAvratam! 56 act one: the buddhists defeated Robbed by their rakish guides, the rich have completely lost their way on a futile path, and throw away their manifold riches on unsuitable things. Even if this religion is a sham, this abundance of forms of entertainment fit for those who are not at peace is useless for people who have allegedly turned their mind away from sensual pleasures, devoted to the repeated cultivation of meditation and sustaining themselves in whatever way.

Yak¯ah.. ¯ımah.. ) bat. uh. ¯ıdam . mae edam . am . h¯adum patthido ayyo. 65 sna¯ ta˚: Kim . c’ aˆtah.? bat. uh. : N . u¯ulam . hadi. o sayalo sam . caradi. u¯ n avalokya tatah. sn¯asy¯amah.. bat. uh. : Jam . avedi. Ubhau parikr¯amatah.. 52 act one: the buddhists defeated Then enters the graduate as described above, and the boy. 60 graduate: I have duly studied the Veda, mastered the six auxiliary sciences,* and examined M¯ım¯am . s¯a* as well. Thus I have performed the duties appropriate for a twice-born person.

Am n ivv¯ a n e n ivasadi? . . bhiks. uh. : S¯adho, na s¯adhu budhyase. am adhigacchati. nanu, Sam . ah. hah. stambho yah. a¯m. 40 Ayam aham iti pa´syato hi jantor bhavati mam’ eˆdam iti dhruvam . prat¯ıtih.. ’Aa¯´sayah. a¯m. asya d¯ure vair¯agyaAbh¯avan¯a, anabhyaste ca vair¯agye sam . kutah.? am upa¯˚: Bho bhadam . i sam . s¯araAdukkham . ubhavadi? ko v¯a edam . ’Aaˆg¯araam . ivajjadi? bhiks. uh. am apavargah. am¯anam .. na hi nityasya nirodha upapadyate. tasm¯ad vij˜na¯naAm¯atram ev’ eˆdam .

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