Caterpillar - A Horror Story by William G. Tedford

By William G. Tedford

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He had no particular desire to reach his destination any time - 55 - Caterpillar: A Horror Story - William G. Tedford soon. A full moon shown through the tree canopies hanging over the road, casting a pale glow on the blacktop beyond the reach of his headlights. Regardless of the peaceful interlude, he goosed the accelerator when he noticed his speed dropping below fifty. Orange City and Cyprus Junction lay fifteen miles in opposite directions from Brighton Hollow. It would take roughly an hour to reach Orange City, backtrack along the county roads to Cyprus Junction, then return to Brighton Hollow, and only God knew how long to hunt down and deal with his fellow deputies, Dick Jenkins, a competent, but difficult self-styled white supremacist in Orange City, and Orville Jackson in Cyprus Junction, the resentful, but capable black Leon had hired to neutralize the political damage Jenkins had inflicted on the department.

Connie’s been hurt,” Rex said, stepping back outside the bathroom and hoping his calm tone of voice would compensate - 33 - Caterpillar: A Horror Story - William G. Tedford for his crass behavior. “She’s at the house. ” “There is no rest for the wicked, of that I’m absolutely certain,” Doc murmured. “Sorry. ” Dr. Kaufman left the bathroom buckling his pants. At age seventy-two, he looked as frail and worn as some of his eighty and ninety-year-old patients. Emphysema had taken a good portion of his lung capacity, and the mere effort to breath drained his energy.

She stopped there, confident that she had outdistanced Leon by miles and miles. He was a big man, built like a bear, and he positively waddled when he ran. How could he hope to catch her? In her last year of school, she had been able to outrun even the boys in her gym class, and she could certainly outrun the Rather brothers. She hadn’t thought about a destination, but she was near Troll Valley Road. Just down the hill a bit awaited a burned out hulk of an old school bus where she and her friends had played during her early school years.

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