Measuring the Universe: Cosmic Dimensions From Aristarchus by Albert Van Helden

By Albert Van Helden

Measuring the Universe is the 1st historical past of the evolution of cosmic dimensions, from the paintings of Eratosthenes and Aristarchus within the 3rd century B.C. to the efforts of Edmond Halley (1656—1742).

"Van Helden's authoritative therapy is concise and informative; he refers to various assets of knowledge, attracts at the discoveries of contemporary scholarship, and offers the 1st book-length remedy of this enormously vital department of science."—Edward Harrison, American magazine of Physics

"Van Helden writes good, with an inherent ability for transparent rationalization. I warmly suggest this book."—Colin A. Ronan, Journal of the British Astronomical Association

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History of Astronomy by George Forbes

By George Forbes

Buy of this ebook contains unfastened trial entry to the place you could learn greater than 1000000 books at no cost. this can be an OCR version with typos. Excerpt from e-book: 5th century B.c. [the current reformed Jewish calendar courting from the fourth century A.d.], a date a " little greater than a century after the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of these whose enterprise is recorded had fled into Egypt with Jeremiah " (Sayce); and (2) that the order of intercalation at the moment used to be no longer diverse to that during use at present day. however, Knobel reminds us of " the main attention-grabbing discovery many years in the past by way of Father Strassmeier of a Babylonian pill recording a partial lunar eclipse at Babylon within the 7th yr of Cambyses, at the fourteenth day of the Jewish month Tammuz." Ptolemy, within the Almagest (Suntaxis), says it happened within the 7th yr of Cambyses, at the evening of the 17th and eighteenth of the Egyptian month Phamenoth. Pingre and Oppolzer repair the date July sixteenth, 533 B.c. therefore are the kinfolk of the chronologies of Jews and Egyptians proven through those explorations. three. historical Greek Astronomy. we now have our information regarding the earliest Greek astronomy from Herodotus (born48oB.C.). He positioned the traditions into writing. Thales (639-546 B.c.) is expounded to have anticipated an eclipse which prompted a lot alarm, and ended the conflict among the Medes and Lydians. ethereal mounted thedate may possibly twenty eighth, 585 B.c. yet different glossy astronomers, provide varied dates. Thales went to Egypt to check technology, and learnt from its monks the size of the yr (which used to be stored a profound secret!), and the symptoms of the zodiac, and the positions of the solstices. He held that the solar, moon, and stars are usually not mere spots at the heavenly vault, yet solids; that the moon derives her mild from the sunlight, and that this truth explains her stages; that an eclipse of the moon occurs while the earth cuts off the sun's mild from her. He meant the earth to...

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Expounding the Mathematical Seed: Supplements: A Translation by Agathe Keller

By Agathe Keller

In the 5th century, the Indian mathematician Aryabhata wrote a small yet well-known paintings on astronomy in 118 verses referred to as the Aryabhatiya. Its moment bankruptcy provides a precis of Hindu arithmetic as much as that time, and two hundred years later, the Indian astronomer Bhaskara glossed that bankruptcy. quantity 1 of this paintings was once an English translation of Bhaskara’s observation, and this quantity includes factors for every verse remark translated in quantity 1.

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Discovering the Universe by Neil F. Comins

By Neil F. Comins

Learning the Universe is the bestselling short textual content for descriptive one-term astronomy classes (especially people with no arithmetic prerequisites). Carried alongside by means of the book's brilliant major subject, "the means of clinical discovery," the 8th variation furthers the book’s legacy for offering strategies truly and safely whereas offering all of the pedagogical instruments to make the educational technique memorable.

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The Living Cosmos - Our Search for Life in the Universe by Chris Impey

By Chris Impey

Astrobiology–the examine of lifestyles in space–is one in all today’s quickest growing to be and most well liked fields of technology. during this compelling, obtainable, and skillfully reasoned new ebook, award-winning pupil and researcher Chris Impey explores the rules of this quickly constructing self-discipline, the place it’s going, and what it’s more likely to find.
The trip starts off with the earliest steps of technological know-how, gaining traction throughout the revelations of the Renaissance, together with Copernicus’s progressive announcement that the Earth used to be now not the guts of the universe yet easily a planet circling the sunlight. but when Earth isn't the in simple terms planet, it's so a ways the single residing one who we all know of. In interesting aspect, The residing Cosmos finds the extraordinary proliferation and diversity of lifestyles in the world, paying precise tribute to a few of its hardiest lifestyles varieties, extremophiles, a dizzying array of microscopic organisms in comparison, in Impey’s clever and funny prose, to superheroes that could live on severe warmth and chilly, dwell deep inside of rocks, or thrive in natural acid.
From there, Impey launches into house, the place astrobiologists examine the potential of lifestyles past our personal global. Is it to be came across on Mars, the “death planet” that has foiled so much planetary missions, and which used to be rainy and temperate billions of years in the past? Or on Venus, Earth’s “evil twin,” the place it rains sulfuric acid and whose warmth may possibly soften lead? (“Whoever named it after the goddess of affection had a sorry background of relationships.”) the reply may possibly lie in a moon inside of our sunlight method, or it can be present in one of many hundreds of thousands of extra-solar planets that experience already been situated. The dwelling Cosmos sees past those explorations, and imagines area cars that eschew gasoline for sunlight- or maybe nuclear-powered rockets, all despatched by way of nations prompted by means of the thousands to be made in area tourism.
But The dwelling Cosmos is greater than only a riveting paintings approximately test and discovery. it's also an affecting portrait of the people who have dedicated their lives to astrobiology. Illustrated all through, The residing Cosmos is a revelatory e-book a few technological know-how that's altering our view of the universe, a spell binding consultant to what existence truly skill and the place it may–or may possibly not–exist, and a gorgeous paintings that explains our previous because it predicts our destiny.

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Die Macht der Schönheit by Peter Cornelius Mayer-Tasch (auth.)

By Peter Cornelius Mayer-Tasch (auth.)

Auf den ersten Blick scheinen die politische Kategorie der Macht und das ästhetische Phänomen der Schönheit wenig gemein zu haben. Da dem Menschen jedoch ein vielgestaltiges Verlangen nach Schönheit an- und eingeboren ist, vermag diese auch in vielerlei Gestalt Macht über ihn zu gewinnen. Wer daher in dieser oder jener shape und Weise Schönheit verkörpert oder den Weg zur Annäherung an Schönheit ebnen kann, dem wird im privaten wie im öffentlichen Leben Macht über die nach Schönheit Verlangenden zuwachsen. In dem Buch des Münchner Politik-, Rechts- und Kulturwissenschaftlers wird dieses Zusammenspiel assoziations- und facettenreich dargelegt.

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Quirky Sides of Scientists: True Tales of Ingenuity and by David R Topper

By David R Topper

Those historic narratives of medical habit display the usually irrational means scientists arrive at and determine their theories. There are tales of Einstein's stubbornness major him to reject an accurate interpretation of an test and leave out an incredible deduction from his personal thought, and Newton lacking the $64000 deduction from one in every of his such a lot celebrated discoveries. Copernicus and Galileo are came across suppressing info. A topic operating through the publication is the thought that what's seen this day used to be no longer so long ago. Scientists noticeable of their ancient context shatter myths and convey them to be much less glossy than we regularly wish to examine them.

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