Baltic Garden, February: Saw bench by Gitte Ahrenkiel

By Gitte Ahrenkiel

It may be tough to evaluate even if the descriptions and pictures of the observed bench, basic structures of hurricane home windows, floating flooring and movable wall sections - truly are of curiosity to others.

When I still take my probabilities and use the above as topic of a e-book, it's all due the actual fact: the home has develop into considerably hotter and more well-off to stay in. each one job - in response to easy building with using recycled or reasonably cheap fabrics - has paid off.

What’s extra: The day we vacate where - the ground forums, typhoon home windows, additional window sills and wall coverings - are simply dismantled. there was no harm to the building's unique layout and fabrics. In itself a superb element and price bringing ahead.


Use of observed bench - for insulation:

Storm home windows and - door
Floating flooring and movable wall sections

Towards spring

Snow Rollers - rather infrequent climate phenomenon
Gedser Snow rollers 2006

Eranthis (Eranthis hyemalis)
Chinese Spring between Dinosaurs

Snowdrop (Galanthus nivalis)
Snowdrop in GM Potatoes and Danish Easter Guess-Who tradition


Ongoing struggle opposed to eastern Knotweed - (Fallopia japonica)
Ginkgo Biloba
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The photos from back then, I found when cleaning up folders on my PC. And since the exact time is specified, the phenomenon is so special and the location is Gedser - the snow rollers will of course be mentioned in Baltic Garden-books. However, my patience cannot bear to wait till March. The layer of ice must be covered by wet and loose snow with a temperature near the melting point of ice The wind must be strong enough to move the snow so that chunks of snow begin to roll on the smooth ice surface.

We were of course to construct a movable floor-cover of this residual glass wool. Wood we had already in abundance - in large and small sizes. We practice recycling and we don't discard wood, unless it is rotten. Even the smallest piece of wood may prove useful at one time or another, in one or other structure where exactly this size timber fits in millimeters. The small saw bench was brought in from the storage house, suitable board pieces sorted out and the residual glass wool pulled down from the attic.

The encounter with winter in November was fairly bearable. Cold night air from the single-pane windows were held more and less in check by thick floor-to-ceiling curtains. Change of dress code and use of large quantities of firewood made daytime suitable for repairing interior ceilings, walls and floors. The house had been left unoccupied for several years. Plexiglass with Magnet-to-Magnet Strips At the same time DIY Centers were regularly visited to find insulation solutions, and among these was setup Plexiglass with Magnet-to-Magnet Strips.

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