Atheism Reclaimed by Patrick O'Connor

By Patrick O'Connor

A Lament for the Soul of Atheism. genuine Atheism for genuine Atheists. Rooted in continental philosophy, phenomenology and existential philosophy, Atheism Reclaimed is unique in its try to create varied existential thoughts to provide expressions to what an real atheism may well appear like for the twenty first Century. using thinkers like Heidegger, Nietzsche, Bataille and Ranciere, Virno and Sartre, Patrick O,Connor opens up a brand new course for atheist concept in response to questions of time, fact, gadgets and equality against extra conventional clinical materialist money owed that underline traditional atheism. O'Connor engages with 5 key moments that, he argues, let us start to construct a brand new conceptual discourse for atheism: Nietzsche's reaction to nihilism; the function of items; an atheistic interpretation of Heidegger's account of time; the unusual relation among fact and violence; and a refiguring of notions of the common.

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It is difficult to feel special once you realize the universe cares not a jot for your travails. Having a sense of this enormity is a curative to any atheist’s delusions of grandeur, and reveals the visceral suffering humans attempt to overcome. Against such a backdrop, the human being must strive to free herself from all that is seductive and soporific. If we grasp that the world is absurd, if we truly realize that there is no ground beneath our feet, then this is truly liberating. ”9 This is the emptiness and void we attempt to fill with the current, with the now, with the un-temporal currency of immediate gratification in sex, violence, illusion, and hubristic science.

When American President Barack Obama gave his Inauguration Speech in 2008 he included reference to atheists. This was rightly celebrated and most welcome. It was, however, a limited reference in that it defined atheism as just another existing stakeholder in society, an option among many potential lifestyle choices. Without doubt its mention was a progressive step in highlighting the importance of atheism for public discourse; however, it did not go far enough, as it evacuated atheism of its potential for universal appeal.

A human life is determined to an extent by these things. My immediate environment as I run, sit, go about my business, ponder, or worry about taking a payday loan, is entirely made up of things which can disappear. There, right at the core of my existence, is the possibility of slimy destruction. They determine my lived environment, indeed I exist among them insofar as I am a thing among them which also dissolves. If the question of the void haunts and mocks us at all times, then it is one that also opens us outwards.

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