Aspects of Consciousness: Essays on Physics, Death and the by Ingrid Fredriksson

By Ingrid Fredriksson

During the a long time, the mysteries of what occurs once we die and the character of the human brain have interested us. during this number of essays, top scientists and authors give some thought to cognizance, quantum mechanics, string idea, dimensions, area and time, nonlocal area, the hologram, and the influence of loss of life on awareness. even though lots of those themes have ordinarily been thought of issues for philosophical and non secular debate, advances in smooth technological know-how and specifically the technology of resuscitation have now enabled an target, medical approach—which bears frequent implications not just for technological know-how yet for all of humanity.

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It is due mainly to the complex organization and large number of my brain cells. The universe is highly impersonal and completely under the control of blind mathematical laws and forces of nature. It is very, very large and cold and empty, apart from the planets and the stars. The world is viewed more as an event than as a meaningful thought, and the human being appears to be a random detail. The metaphor of the age is mausoleum. Einstein’s Concept of the World In the relativistic concept of the world, which is based on Einstein’s thoughts, the observer — and hence human consciousness— plays a larger role.

One of the fundamental ideas is that the world, and with that, the observed realities, presents an unbroken whole. In spite of the apparent divisions and limits we see everywhere in both macrocosmos and microcosmos, in reality, the world is without seams and separated parts. This is Fritjof Capra’s central idea in The Tao of Physics. During a measurement, the observer is joined to what he is observing. David Bohm, at Birkbeck College, University of London,2 has especially stressed the importance of the world of quantum physics as characterized by an undivided whole, and everything being connected to everything else.

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