Aristotle: Fundamentals of the History of his Development by Werner Wilhelm Jaeger

By Werner Wilhelm Jaeger

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Ay, and the word that Plutarch uses for the change (lJFTcrrI6ecrl}ol) proves that he cannot be refernng to que<;t1ons of mmor Importance, sInce It was a techmcal tenn In HellemstIc phIlosophy for the passage from one school to another Moreover he must have known that the' earlIer vIews' In questIOn (TO: 1Tp6creev mrrc? apE01

WhIch are false' In spite of the nawetr! of the expresSIOn the commentator surely represents the essence of Alexander's view correctly Contradlcbons between the two k10ds of wntmg were noted as early as Cicero (De Fm V 5, 12) In those days they were ascnbed to the literary form of popular wnbng EARLY WORKS 33 Modern cnticism has been sceptical about thIS mystIfication. whIch IS ObvIously a late 1Ovention ong1Oatmg 10 the SpIrIt of Neo-Pythagoreamsm I Nevertheless It has not got nd of the prejUdICe agamst the dIalogues ~ ThIS IS.

But only for the few who WIth a shght hmt can find It for themselves 2 I Ep VII 3HA • Ibid 3iI C-R CHAPTER II EARLY WORKS I\. P1! st, the latter solves the problems raISed by the former. lomls Judges the real state of aflalr9 correctly In 980 D He makes the Athemall relDlnd the two others of a. :>entlal Plato more ahve, more powerful. and more obJectIve, 111 the dialogue than In any other fonn The remammg fragments of hiS dialogues, together WIth the reports of antIqUity and the ImItatIOns of later wnters (he had an especially powerful mfluence on CIcero), enable us to mfer that AnstotIe Invented a ne\\.

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