Analytical methods for coal and coal products, Volume 1 by Clarence Karr

By Clarence Karr

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Lc, 2a, and 2b), cutinite (Figs. la and lb ), sporonite (Figs. la , lb , and Id), and alginite (Figs. 2c and 2d), respectively. Liptinites appear to be light to dark Fig. 3 (a) Photom icrograph in incident light of a polished section of a lignite show ing su berin ite (Sb) and v itrinite (V) or h u m in ite. (b) Crushed fusinite (F) associated w ith sem ifu sinite (SF) and vitrin ite (V). (c) Characteristic m icrinite (M) clusters filling p resu m ­ ably original cell cavities of vitrinite (Vt).

Instrumentation The same microscope described in Section V,A can be used for fluorescence studies. A xenon or mercury arc lamp is used in place of the halogen incandescent lamp. Different filters are used for uv, violet, and blue light excitation. A dichroic beam splitter is placed in the vertical illuminator, replacing the plain glass plate. One can use the Berek prism (Chapter 2, Fig. 14) in the vertical illuminator for fluorescence studies, but the fluorescent intensity is much stronger when using the beam splitter.

Fusain (Continued) C o n stitu en ts of attritus R e sin o u s stance. _ _ sub­ A ppearance in thin sectio ns B otan ica l origin Occurs as droplets, rodlets, and ir­ regularly shaped particles rang­ ing from bright yellow to dark red, irrespective of rank of coal; occasionally incorporated in the cellular structure of anthraxylon. D erived from th e products of resin and w ax-secreting tissues of wood, bark, and leaves. ; m ostly op aqu e in th in n est sections but o c c a s i o n a l ly se m itr a n s lu c e n t.

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