Amino acid chelation in human and animal nutrition by H. DeWayne Ashmead

By H. DeWayne Ashmead

Content material: Ch. 1. the basics of mineral foodstuff -- ch. 2. The chemistry of chelation -- ch. three. The background of dietary chelates -- ch. four. the necessities for a nutritionally useful chelate -- ch. five. the advance of analytical how to turn out amino acid chelation -- ch. 6. Absorption of amino acid chelates from the alimentary canal -- ch. 7. The pathways for absorption of an amino acid chelate -- ch. eight. The absorption of amino acid chelates via lively shipping -- ch. nine. The absorption of amino acid chelates by way of facilitated diffusion -- ch. 10. The destiny of amino acid chelates within the mucosal mobilephone -- ch. eleven. The uptake of amino acid chelates into and out of the plasma -- ch. 12. Tissue metabolism of amino acid chelates -- ch. thirteen. a few metabolic responses of the physique to amino acid chelates -- ch. 14. Toxicity of amino acid chelates -- ch. 15. The absorption and metabolism of amino acid chelates

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6, each glycine molecule was attached to the zinc by the carboxyl group (COO -) and the amino group (NH2) with the ionic bond originating from the oxygen and the coordinate covalent bond coming from the nitrogen. 6 Zinc bisglycinate chelate as determined by x-ray diffraction spectrometry. ) coupled plasma spectroscopy, electrospray mass spectroscopy, and combustion elemental analysis, Konar et al. 30 Not only are the metal and its characteristics a consideration in forming a chelate, so also are the characteristics of the ligand.

9 While Werner is generally credited with the discovery of chelation chemistry, he did not use the word chelation to characterize these complexes. In 1920, Morgan and Drew coined the word chelate to describe the way the ligand bound a metallic cation. 1, each ligand is able to attach to the metal ion at two points in a claw-like fashion. 2 illustrates a metal glycinate chelate. When one looks at the ligand of this chelate, it is easy to see how it could be viewed as a claw as it chelates the metal ion.

Prasad, AS, Schulert, AR, Miale, A, Farid, Z, and Sanstead, HH, “Zinc and iron deficiencies in male subjects with dwarfism but without ancyclostomiasis, schistosmiasis or severe anemia,” Am J Clin Nutr 12:437–444, 1963. 56. Ashmead, HD, Graff, DJ, and Ashmead, HH, Intestinal Absorption of Metal Ions and Chelates (Springfield, IL: Thomas) 24–25, 1985. 57. Graff, DJ, Ashmead, H, and Hartley, C, “Absorption of minerals compared with chelates made from various protein sources into rat jejunal slices in vitro,” Proc Utah Acad Arts Lett Sci Apr 1970.

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