A New Model for Health and Disease by George Vithoulkas

By George Vithoulkas

. 1991 fresh vivid reproduction

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Such instances are far from sporadic; they are, in fact, endemic in our society. Rather than glorifying that which is just and morally upright, our society often seems to discourage and scorn the adherence to moral imperatives. Is it possible to promote health in such an environment? We must remember that the mind feeds and grows on ideas, and if the ideas that are accepted and nurtured by the mind are false or destructive, the individual is actually "taking in poisonous food" that is eventually going to undermine the spiritual plane of his existence.

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STAMEY TA: Prostatitis. J Royal Soc Med 1981; 74:22-33 67. SCHAEFFER AJ: Pharmacokinetics of antibiotics used in treatment of prostatitis. Urology (supplement) 1984; 24: 8-9 68. GOLDFARB M: Clinical efficacy of antibiotics in treatment of prostatitis. Urology (supplement) 1984; 24:12-13 Chapter 1 THE NECESSITY OF A MODEL "The myths ofHygieia andAsclepius symbolize the neverending oscillation between two different points of view in medicine. For the worshippers ofHygieia, health is the natural order of things, a positive attribute to which men are entitled if they govern their lives wisely.

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