A history of the book in American Volume 3, The industrial by Scott E. Casper, Jeffrey D. Groves, Stephen W. Nissenbaum,

Susan Belasco, college of Nebraska
Candy Gunther Brown, Indiana University
Kenneth E. chippie, Newton middle, Massachusetts
Scott E. Casper, college of Nevada, Reno
Jeannine Marie DeLombard, college of Toronto
Ann Fabian, Rutgers University
Jeffrey D. Groves, Harvey Mudd College
Paul C. Gutjahr, Indiana University
David D. corridor, Harvard Divinity School
David M. Henkin, collage of California, Berkeley
Bruce Laurie, college of Massachusetts, Amherst
Eric Lupfer, Humanities Texas
Meredith L. McGill, Rutgers University
John Nerone, college of Illinois
Stephen W. Nissenbaum, college of Massachusetts
Lloyd Pratt, Michigan nation University
Barbara Sicherman, Trinity College
Louise Stevenson, Franklin & Marshall College
Amy M. Thomas, Montana country University
Tamara Plakins Thornton, nation collage of recent York, Buffalo
Susan S. Williams, Ohio country University
Michael Winship, collage of Texas at Austin

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