A great victory for Leninism: in commemoration of the 95th by Hong qi

By Hong qi

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His shelves contained not only all the known metals, but also many other substances such as pyrites, malachite, lapis lazuli, gypsum, hematite, galena, turquoise, stibnite, alum, green vitriol, natron, borax, salt, lime, potash, cinnabar, white and red lead, iron oxide, copper oxide, vinegar, and probably caustic soda, glycerol, and sulfuric and nitric acids. The Arabs had preserved the writings of Greek philosophers such as Aristotle, and had carried on the beliefs and practices of the early alchemists.

I myself witnessed that he paid 6000 crowns for the manuscript Sarlamethon, a process for a Tincture in the Greek language. . I brought that process to a finish in 15 weeks. " Unhappily, the nobleman was drowned in a storm in the Adriatic, and the laboratory was shut up and the men paid off. 62 Right: Introduction of the Great Work, from the manuscript Splendor Solis by Solomon Trismosin. The picture is symbolic of the first stages of the process. The man on the left is the alchemist, being introduced by the philosopher to the living tree.

Yet here was someone not only insulting these masters, but also all the doctors who followed their teachings. " the scoffer continued. "After my death, my disciples will burst forth and drag you to the light, and shall expose your dirty drugs . " and so on. The speech of this overwhelmingly selfconfident man could truly be called bombastic—and that was his name—Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim. But he is known to generations of alchemists as Paracelsus, the name he gave himself to indicate that he was greater (para is Greek for beyond) than Celsus, the Roman medical authority of the beginning of the Christian era.

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