A companion to sport and spectacle in Greek and Roman by Paul Christesen, Donald G. Kyle

By Paul Christesen, Donald G. Kyle

A better half to game and Spectacle in Greek and Roman Antiquity offers a chain of essays that practice a socio-historical point of view to myriad points of historic activity and spectacle.
Covers the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire
Includes contributions from a variety of overseas students with a variety of Classical antiquity specialties
Goes past the standard concentrations on Olympia and Rome to ascertain recreation in towns and territories in the course of the Mediterranean basin
Features a number of illustrations, maps, end-of-chapter references, inner cross-referencing, and an in depth index to extend accessibility and support researchers

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In Chapter 11 David Gilman Romano discusses the history of sport in Central Greece and the northern Peloponnese during the Archaic (700–480 bce) and Classical periods. In addition to treating the physical settings and the programs of events of the Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean Games, Romano provides details of new and ongoing ­excavations at the sanctuary of Zeus at Mt Lykaion in Arcadia. He makes the intriguing suggestion that the sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia and the ancient Olympics were at least in part modeled on the sanctuary of Zeus at Mt Lykaion and the games held there, which, in Romano’s view, may well significantly predate the Olympics.

And M. Skinner, eds. 1997. Roman Sexualities. Princeton. Holowchak, M. , ed. 2002. Philosophy of Sport: Critical Readings, Crucial Issues. Upper Saddle River, NJ. Hornblower, S. and C. Morgan, eds. 2007. Pindar’s Poetry, Patrons, and Festivals: From Archaic Greece to the Roman Empire. Oxford. Kitroeff, A. 2004. Wrestling with the Ancients: Modern Greek Identity and the Olympics. New York. König, J. 2005. Athletics and Literature in the Roman Empire. Cambridge. Kyle, D. 2007. Sport and Spectacle in the Ancient World.

Christesen reviews basic information about the practice of sport in Sparta during the Classical period (480–323 bce) and uses concepts and terminology taken from sociology to explore the relationship between sport and society in Sparta. He argues that sport fostered cohesive social relations among Sparta’s male citizens and in that way contributed meaningfully to maintaining the remarkable political stability that characterized Sparta for more than 400 years. Kyle’s Chapter 10 discusses Athens, the state for which we have the most abundant information.

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