507 Mechanical Movements. Mechanisms and Devices by Henry T. Brown

By Henry T. Brown

This 1868 compendium of inventive mechanisms employs basic drawings to provide an explanation for 507 of the small parts that represent advanced equipment. Left-hand pages characteristic illustrations, and dealing with pages supply short descriptions of use and operation. starting from uncomplicated to advanced, the mechanisms contain cranks, pulleys, drills, wheels, and screws.

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Now, as the connecting-rod communicates to the pinion the full length of stroke, it would cause the top rack to traverse the same distance, if the bottom rack was alike movable; but as the latter is fixed, the pinion is made to rotate, and consequently the top rack travels double the distance. 119. Reciprocating rectilinear motion of the bar carrying the oblong endless rack, produced by the uniform rotary motion of the pinion working alternately above and below the rack. The shaft of the pinion moves up and down in, and is guided by, the slotted bar.

44. A kind of gearing used to transmit great force and give a continuous bearing to the teeth. Each wheel is composed of two, three, or more distinct spur-gears. The teeth, instead of being in line, are arranged in steps to give a continuous bearing. This system is sometimes used for driving screw propellers, and sometimes, with a rack of similar character, to drive the beds of large iron-planing machines. 45. Frictional grooved gearing—a comparatively recent invention. The diagram to the right is an enlarged section, which can be more easily understood.

On continuous rotary motion being given to the cam, A, intermittent rotary motion is imparted to the wheel, B. The stops free themselves from the offset of the cam at every half-revolution, the wheel, B, remaining at rest until the cam has completed its revolution, when the same motion is repeated. 89. An eccentric generally used on the crank-shaft for communicating the reciprocating rectilinear motion to the valves of steam engines, and sometimes used for pumping. 90. A modification of the above; an elongated yoke being substituted for the circular strap, to obviate the necessity for any vibrating motion of the rod which works in fixed guides.

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