5 Day Momentum Method by Jeff Cooper

By Jeff Cooper

How do you want To:

1. purchase a inventory today

2. promote it for a great revenue in five days

3. Repeat this time and again for the remainder of your life!

Jeff Cooper's five Day Momentum approach can assist Do This

In his first booklet, Hit & Run buying and selling, Jeff Cooper taught investors how he has made his dwelling day-trading shares over the last decade. The ebook is so successful that it truly is now again for its 5th printing in its first 18 months.

Now, for the 1st time, Jeff Cooper releases the five Day Momentum procedure -- his strongest buying and selling procedure for these investors who're trying to find giant three - 7 day gains.

How The five Day Momentum process Works:

Rapidly relocating momentum shares continually pause earlier than resuming their development. The five Day Momentum process will educate you the way to spot the precise day and value to go into those shares sooner than they explode back. you'll often probability in simple terms 1-2 issues and your upside strength is five - 20 issues, all inside of five days!

Do i must take a seat In entrance Of A display All Day staring at My Stocks?

Absolutely no longer! The better part of the five Day Momentum technique is that you just should not have to monitor your positions intra-day. easily input an order to shop for or promote brief, supply your dealer an order along with your protecting cease, after which return for your day-by-day regimen. you could money costs each one night at your comfort. on the finish of five days, easily take your gains (if your cease wasn't prompted) and pass onto the subsequent set-up.

Among the beneficial properties you are going to research are:

The particular, simple-to-follow ideas to spot the quickest relocating stocks.

Where to precisely position your access and go out orders.

Where and the way to take profits.

Advanced buying and selling suggestions to maximise gains.

Precise innovations options to leverage your self to profits of fifty% - 2 hundred% inside of days.

... and masses, a lot more!

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7) A down day --profits should be locked into near the $58 range. The 5-Day Momentum Method Page 38 In conclusion, exit strategies are always a bit more difficult than entry strategies. I realize the trailing stop exit is more complicated than the 5 day exit, but if you have the time and ability to utilize it, your returns should be greater . One final note to remember: you are risking a fairly small amount (usually a few points) in order to make larger gains. Therefore it is critical to adhere to the protective stop rules.

If we lower our 1 5/8 point average trading profit by 3/8 point for the spread and slippage (this is generous) and another 1/8 for round-trip commission (6 cents per share), we still are left with 1 1/8 points per trade. The average price of the stocks tested was approximately $71 per share. 58% for five days work! (1 1/8 divided by 71) Annualize this on a one trade per week basis and the results are staggering. Is this return guaranteed? Absolutely Not. It only shows that on a historical basis, The 5 Day Momentum Method provided a healthy edge to those willing to follow the rules and use proper money management.

I trade equities and this keeps me busy enough. There are, though, many people who focus on the options markets as a leveraged way to make their money grow. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of traders lose money buying options. My observation is they commit two trading sins: 1) They guess where the market (stock) is going and 2) when they are wrong, they don 't use stops and they let their options go to zero. In my opinion, The 5 Day Momentum Method lends itself well to short-term options trading and it helps cleanse the above mistakes.

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