3D Spectroscopy in Astronomy (Canary Islands Winter School by Evencio Mediavilla, Santiago Arribas, Martin Roth, Jordi

By Evencio Mediavilla, Santiago Arribas, Martin Roth, Jordi Cepa-Nogué, Francisco Sánchez

At the same time storing either spectral and spatial info, 3D spectroscopy deals a brand new solution to take on astrophysical difficulties, and opens up new traces of analysis. considering its inception within the eighties and early nineties, study during this box has grown greatly. huge telescopes all over the global at the moment are outfitted with vital box devices, and tools of the long run James Webb area Telescope may have essential box spectroscopic features. these days, extra attempt is devoted to refining concepts for lowering, interpreting and analyzing the information got with 3D spectrographs. Containing lectures from the 17th wintry weather tuition of the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute, this ebook explores new 3D spectroscopy concepts and knowledge. A wide and balanced presentation of analysis during this box, it introduces astronomers to a brand new new release of tools, widening the allure of essential box spectroscopy and aiding it turn into a robust instrument in tackling astrophysical difficulties.

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G. polyamide. 26 Martin M. 30. Fiber 1. 31. Fiber bundle. 32. Focal ratio degradation. They act as wave guides owing to the effect of total internal reflection, meaning that rays at grazing incidence onto the core–buffer interface will be reflected back into the core. Multiple reflections inside the core lead to a scrambling of the input light pattern. Rays incident onto the fiber input with inclination angles larger than that given by a certain critical angle (numerical aperture, NA) will no longer undergo total internal reflection, but will rather be absorbed in the buffer.

INTEGRAL features three rectangular fiber bundles at different magnifications for the purpose of accommodating different observing conditions in terms of seeing, and different user requirements (spatial resolution versus FoV). Each bundle is also furnished with a set of separate fibers for sky background subtraction. 7 . 24. INTEGRAL at the Nasmyth focus of the WHT. 25. INTEGRAL fiber bundles. choice of IFU magnification, INTEGRAL offers a variety of grating options with different dispersion, wavelength coverage and blaze thanks to the many modes available in WYFOS (Wide-Field Optic Spectrograph).

Slicers have been manufactured from Zerodur, and from metal as monolithic devices. Slicers are routinely operated in the NIR, and there are ongoing research and development efforts to optimize metallic slicers for operation in the visual. In contrast to fiber and lens array IFUs, no scrambling is involved, and the telescope focal plane is projected directly onto the detector. 5 Non-IFS 3D instruments Without going into much detail, some techniques shall be mentioned that are not exactly 3D in accord with our definition; they do, however, produce data with the same characteristics (‘datacubes’) as integral field spectroscopy.

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