Outbound phone campaigns

Mobile – the most personal & direct medium to reach an individual for information , promotions etc. Our Out Bound Phone Campaign Management system lets you reach to numerous customers simultaneously thereby increasing the touch points ( a very critical parameter in today’s business parlance ) efficiency by the hour via SMS & Voice Recordings. There are endless possibilities that one can explore viz; Electricity Distribution Co – reaching out to customers for updating the last date of payment or fault rectification, FMCG co reaching out to its retailers for order fulfillment & other product updates, Telecom Operator to reach to its subscriber base for change in policy announcement, Billing & collections agencies for updating database & many more.


Be responsive to proactive customers who want to get connected immediately by the C2C button placed strategically on your existing website at ZERO cost to him. This increases brand recall, increase interactivity of communications & also helps to measure effectiveness of marketing spends.

CRM Integration

This feature ensures seamless connectivity of our databases to your existing CRM  systems (FreshDesk, Salesforce etc )  thus interfacing with them  & providing greater control by keeping the systems database up to date. This increases productivity by eliminating data entry issues & also no misses happen due to system integrated with each other.

Outbound Calling

Outbound calling is a key component of the customer interfacing value chain, thereby to add more teeth to the same, we have enabled call recording & retrieval of past records on the fly to enable better customer experience.


For calls missed while you were busy attending to other customers or voice mails or any pending appointments – Notifications makes it easy for one to keep a tab & eliminate any misses.