miAssistant as the name suggest is your virtual assistant in this corporate world offering a host of features for call handling & slotting to the right person in your organization.

  • Greet your callers with a personalized brand message
  • Offer a host of menu options viz Sales / Customer Care / Finance etc for them to select.
  • The call then gets routed to the concerned SPOC
  • Whats more you can even modify / edit the flow & the SPOC on the fly yourself.
  • Also you can log into your personal panel & check the recordings / missed call & moreā€¦
  • Further you can arrange / set reminders for your appointments thereby not missing on any lead.

miAssistant gives the power & control of the same in your hands as it is very important for any company to handle its customers in a professional way & move upwards in the brand equity creation using your goodwill & the technology tools.

Thus it provides you with innovative cloud based solution to manage your calls & customers thereby freeing time at hand to focus on other issues related to your business.