miAssistant offers a host of features that make call-handling a breeze. Your callers are greeted with a customized professional message, followed by a menu of options to pick from. You can also automatically connect your customers to agents they are familiar with. If you can’t answer calls at the moment, let them leave a voicemail and you can call them back later. Configure all this and more through a web panel you can access even from your phone. Broadly speaking, here are the features that make miAssiatant awesome.

Mobile app

The android smartphone app further puts the control in your hands by increasing the mobility & ease of use on the move. It enables you to access the analytics, listen to recordings , check the sales leads & appointments status & more all from the convenience of your  smartphone.

Multi-Agent Access

Access points defined as per the authorization level, enhances the productivity & also empowers your team members to access & utilize the portal UI for checking call logs, voice mails & responding to them thus taking business decisions without any show stopper of administrator availability.

Call Recording

A very critical component which ensures that there are no clarity or quality issues & also keeps a check on the customer communication vs agent responses. Also gives better control with the flexibility of any where access to monitor t& analyse he calls & leads, further also keeping agent efficiency under check.

CRM Integration

This feature ensures seamless connectivity of our databases to your existing CRM  systems (FreshDesk, Salesforce etc )  thus interfacing with them  & providing greater control by keeping the systems database up to date. This increases productivity by eliminating data entry issues & also no misses happen due to system integrated with each other.


Be responsive to proactive customers who want to get connected immediately by the C2C button placed strategically on your existing website at ZERO cost to him. This increases brand recall, increase interactivity of communications & also helps to measure effectiveness of marketing spends.

Whitelisting API

In todays tough regulatory scenario , it s better to be on the correct side of law, thereby this feature ensures that we are able to conncet with NDNC registry numbers via a an approval process thus ensuring proper consent records ( via SMS ) & keeping free from nay legal hassles.

Single Panel

Single administrative log in to manage your account, add / remove agents, check analytics, do quality audits by managing recordings. Also post utilizing the system for some time you would like to change the greeting environment, get to the advanced utilization levels & much more happens from your single log in only.

Specific Agent

Customer is very choosy some times in terms of the person he wants to interact too due to earlier experiences, hence this features delivers a personalized customer environment by patching call of repeat callers to past agents thereby ensuring quick resolution & delivering a WOW factor to the customer by building on his past data.

Outbound Calling

Outbound calling is a key component of the customer interfacing value chain, thereby to add more teeth to the same, we have enabled call recording & retrieval of past records on the fly to enable better customer experience.

mi Conference

Helps you create a secure conference room on the fly without any pre booking & also shares the PIN & conference dial in number to the participants via SMS / email by the automated back end.


For calls missed while you were busy attending to other customers or voice mails or any pending appointments – Notifications makes it easy for one to keep a tab & eliminate any misses.